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Nikon Officially Ends International Warranties for Lenses and Accessories


While published on Nikon Japan a few weeks ago, a notice in English has finally been added announcing that the company will no longer provide international warranties for Nikkor lenses and accessories.

Nikon has published the English version of the notice on Nikon Imaging Support. In it, the company states that up until this point it had attached an international warranty to interchangeable lenses and certain accessories (such as Speedlights) but due to the differences in regional laws and safety standards, the company says that it has become too difficult to maintain a single international warranty that is effective around the world. Instead, Nikon will only provide warranties specific to the country or region of sale going forward.

“We have considered a variety of options, but ultimately decided to begin the gradual transition from international warranties to regional warranties for interchangeable lenses and accessories in January of 2021.”

Nikon says that if a product is purchased with an international warranty, that international warranty will remain valid for its full term, regardless of the date of purchase. Additionally, if the product is purchased with a regional warranty, that warranty will remain valid for its full term.

However, if any repairs are performed on that product in a country or region not covered by the warranty, the user is responsible for all repair fees, even if the warranty is still valid.

“In addition, some countries and regions may be unable to accept products sold in other countries or regions for repair. Please consult with the repair center, or a retailer or distributor in the applicable country or region.”

This change appears to mean that those who choose to purchase a Nikon product outside their home country lose access to warranty coverage unless they return to the country of purchase to exercise that warranty. This business decision may stem from the varying costs of support from country to country and the displeasure of local Nikon Support offices having to cover costs of repairs for products that they did not sell.

In 2012, Nikon stopped selling camera parts to independent repair shops, but in 2013 the company started listing DSLR, Coolpix, and lens parts on its own site. However, this website has yet to offer any repair parts for Nikon Z products. Combined with the lack of an international warranty, if your Nikon product needs repair outside of the country in which it was purchased, it may be difficult or expensive to repair it.

(via Nikon Rumors)