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Watch a Photoshop Pro Teach His Mom to Edit Photos


Photoshop expert and photo editing teacher Aaron Nace just took on his most inexperienced pupil yet: his mom. In a special episode of Phlearn, Aaron sat down with his mom to teach her how to edit some of his childhood photos in Photoshop. The result is both entertaining and, if you’re a rote beginner like Mrs. Nace, a great intro to photo editing.

When we say “rote beginner,” we’re not exaggerating. Despite her son’s reputation as a Photoshop expert, Mrs. Nace had never up the program before this video. As such, this is a pretty basic tutorial, covering things like rotate, crop, spot healing, fixing red-eye, and a quick intro to layer masks.

The typical PetaPixel reader probably won’t learn anything new from the video, but you’ll definitely feel a bit of empathy for Aaron if you’ve ever tried to teach photo editing to a beginner. Plus, you can bookmark this video and share it with your own parents or the next newbie who asks you for a crash course in Photoshop.

(via The Digital Picture)