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How to Retouch Environments Using Photoshop


Retouching isn’t just for portrait photography — it can make a huge difference when you want to clean up distractions from an image. This video from Phlearn will teach you in 30 minutes how to utilise various Photoshop tools to remove objects and blemishes from your environmental photos.

In the video, Aaron Nace demonstrates how to use the Brush Tool, Spot Healing Brush, Clone Stamp, and Pen Tool for retouching. The example is an indoor shot of an office, which you can download yourself (after creating an account with Phlearn) to work on in parallel with the video.

The tutorial really shows the power of even the most basic tools in Photoshop like the Brush Tool, which is used to paint over and flawlessly remove a wall heater in the image. It also provides a good lesson in cloning objects from an image and warping them in-place to replace unwanted elements.

(via Phlearn via Fstoppers)