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Shooting a Steeplechase Horse Race


Jamey Price is a freelance motorsport photographer based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but he shoots way more than cars racing. Here’s a 6-minute video in which Price takes us behind-the-scenes of shooting a steeplechase horse race at Queen’s Cup in Charlotte.

Filmed and produced by Austin Gager, the short film is chapter 2 of Price’s FRAMES series of videos showing how he works. Chapter 1 was a look at how a motorsport photographer covers a 24-hour endurance race.

The video above explains the ins and outs of steeplechase horse race photography, a niche that Price has a deep personal connection with, having worked as a jockey for a number of years before picking up a camera and diving into photography.

Here are some of the photos that resulted from the shoot documented in the film:

You can find more of Price’s work on his website and Instagram. You can also keep up with the FRAMES series by subscribing to his YouTube channel.