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What It’s Like to Shoot a 24Hr Race as a Motorsport Photographer


Here’s a new 13-minute mini-documentary by photographer Jamey Price that shows what it’s like to work as a motorsport photographer during a grueling 24-hour-long endurance race.

Price shot the behind-the-scenes footage while covering one of the most prestigious endurance races on our planet: the Spa 24 Hours.

“Basically the question was asked, what is it like to cover a 24 hour endurance car race?” Price tells PetaPixel. “It’s an answer I can’t really describe. So we set about trying to film it.”

Price says he originally picked two other races for this documentary — the Daytona 24 and Sebring 12 — but those efforts were rejected by “the powers that be.” For the Daytona 24, Price was told by the series and the track that “No one will watch this. No one is interested in how the sausage is made.”

The team finally received permission from Spa 24 Hours (officially known as Total 24 Hours of Spa).

“It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions from start to finish,” Price writes. “FRAMES was never intended to be a blueprint for how to be a motorsport photographer or how to take pictures of race cars. I’m sure more than a few people will be disappointed it isn’t either of those.

“But what I DO hope is that it gives people a glimpse into the world that many of my colleagues and I live, and that you might think about the work behind the images you see and share on a daily basis.”

Here are a few of the photos Price captured during the course of the race:

Another frame from FRAMES. _ Sunrise was a welcome sight at Spa 24h last year. I had walked miles upon miles upon miles already during the race. I was trying to decide where to go for sunrise, when @drewgibsonphoto asked if I wanted to walk a little more with him. So off we went! I don’t think I’ve ever seen @fosterpeters in that much pain as he chased after us for the 2 mile walk out to the far side of Spa Francorchamps. It wasn’t the most stunning sunrise ever. But it was nice enough! _ Looking forward to sharing the finished @framesdoc chapter 1 with you next week, MAY 1. If you haven’t seen, we’re doing tons of giveaways on the @framesdoc Instagram. So make sure you’re following along. _ Nikon D4s, 500mm, 1/1000, f5, ISO 50 #backlit #backlitisbetter #nikonnofilter #nikonD4s #lexarmemory #tenbabags #spa24h #spa24 #motorsportphotography #GrasserRacing #lamborghini #lamborghinihuracan #lamborghinigt3 #lambo

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Price is aiming to turn FRAMES into a series of short documentary films about motorsport photography, and you can follow along with the videos through the Instagram account. You can also find more of Price’s work on his Instagram and website.