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Supreme Court Turns Down Nike ‘Jumpman’ Copyright Suit –PDNPulse

The U.S. Supreme Court has denied photographer Co Rentmeester’s petition for a hearing on his copyright claim against Nike. The high court announced its decision this morning, but gave no reason for its refusal to hear the case. The Supreme Court’s decision leaves in place a 2018 appeals court ruling that Nike’s famous “Jumpman” logo does not infringe Rentmeester’s copyright. The case underscores a basic principle of copyright law, which is that copyright protects only the expression of ideas, and not the ideas themselves.

New York-based photographer Jacobus Rentmeester sued Nike in 2015 over claims that the company copied the pose from his 1984 LIFE photo of Jordan for its iconic “Jumpman” logo. A federal court dismissed the lawsuit later that same year.