Sony: E-mount Can Take f/0.63 Lenses

At its a6400 announcement event back in January, Sony also gathered press together for a presentation in which it aimed to debunk some of the things being said about its E mount in recent days. One of the interesting facts shared is that the E-mount supports a maximum aperture of f/0.63.

After tackling Leica’s claim that the E-mount wasn’t designed for full frame — Sony quotes its director as discussing the possibility the same year the first E-mount camera was launched (2010) — Sony discusses the “myth” that the E-mount is too small for f/1.0 lenses.

Sony says that its E-mount is actually theoretically capable of accepting lenses as fast as f/0.63, which is on par with the Leica L mount (f/0.63) and the Canon RF mount (f/0.62). Sony calculates that the Nikon Z mount’s theoretical maximum is actually f/0.58, which is actually faster than the f/0.65 Nikon calculated and boasted about.

You can watch photographer and filmmaker Max Yuryev’s coverage of this presentation in this video (the presentation starts at about 8:12):

Don’t hold your breath for any of these theoretical maximum apertures to actually hit the market in a lens, though. Any lens this fast would be ridiculously large, heavy, difficult to use, and expensive.

(via Max Yuryev via sonyalpharumors)

Image credits: Video and still frames by Max Yuryev