PIXEO is a Paid Crowdsourced Map of the Best Photo Spots

PIXEO is a new app that aims to make it easier for photographers to find great photo locations nearby. Photographers view, navigate, and contribute to an ever-growing global map of spots that currently features 10,000+ locations.

“I wanted to spend my time shooting, not searching for things to shoot,” Canadian military photographer and PIXEO co-founder Shawn M. Kent tells PetaPixel. “I got frustrated when I traveled abroad with the military because I didn’t know where the good spots to take pictures were. So, my wife and I bootstrapped a company in Nova Scotia with some savings, hired a Canadian development team and made an app called PIXEO to solve that problem.”

Photo locations appear as pins on the map. Tap one to see a preview of what you can shoot from that spot. Tap it again to see additional details, including a description, photo gallery, and feedback from other photographers.

The app also features categories of spots — things like lighthouses, abandoned buildings, and scenic vistas — allowing you to hone in on locations that meet exactly what you’re out looking to shoot.

Users can create their own collection of photo locations, contribute to the global map, and add existing locations to their Favorites, bookmarking them for future reference.

PIXEO is reminiscent of Explorest, another app in which photographers crowdsource photo locations. And like Explorest, PIXEO is a paid service: while there’s a 30-day free trial, the standard service costs $3 a month or $25 a year to use.

“Since our launch 12 days ago we are growing a rapid global userbase,” Kent tells PetaPixel. “We have been featured in the “Best of What’s New” section of iTunes App stores in Canada, Germany, USA, Switzerland, to name a few.”

If you’d like to give PIXEO a try, you can find out more on its website or download it from the iTunes App Store.