The NoFilter App Helps Find the Best Spots for Photos Around the World

NoFilter travel photography location app

The NoFilter app is designed to help photographers discover picturesque locations all over the world. It focuses on the natural beauty of destinations and promotes showcasing locations without artificially enhancing them.

For Avid Photographers and Travelers

Aimed at photographers and travelers, the NoFilter app allows users to explore different picture-worthy locations and travel destinations around the globe. The app hopes to save photographers from putting in long hours of research and reading travel blogs to narrow down interesting locations to visit and instead acts as an all-in-one photo location scout. Users can join the NoFilter community and directly search for their next place to visit by looking through spots and photos added on the app.

NoFilter travel photography location app

NoFilter claims that most other similar platforms don’t focus on the beauty of the travel spot but rather enhance it using props, editing, and other camera techniques. For that reason, the app focuses on showing reality without any added filters or elements that would otherwise misguide users.

Users Can Save and Share Favorite Photo Spots

In addition to exploring new photo spots using a world map, users can also save their favorite locations, keep a log of their travel, view photos taken by others, and share their own. The company believes this is particularly handy for photographers, as the app lets its users find exact locations of where a photo was taken and view recommendations for camera settings when to create the best photo when they get there.

NoFilter travel photography location app

To make sure that the app only presents purposeful photos, NoFilter uses a team of professional moderators who collect, curate, and moderate every image uploaded to the platform. Typically, the team spends around 20 minutes on each photo to make sure it’s worth other users’ time and is accurately positioned on the map.

NoFilter travel photography location app

The current NoFilter catalog consists of more than 7,500 spots around the world and has a less than 1-percent photo approval rate, with around 100 new additions each week.

“What this means for the users is a longer and better bucket list to check off that includes only the best and the most beautiful travel destinations,” NoFilter says.

The app is available for free on iOS and Android and will be soon available as a web app, too. NoFilter is also available in 15 different languages.