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ShutterSpots is an App for Finding Photo Hotspots Near You



Want to find the sweetest photo locations near where you are? There’s a new app that can point you in the right direction. It’s called ShutterSpots, and it’s an interactive community database of popular places to capture great photos.

The service was created by developer Andrew Yates as a side project. After traveling to various places around the world for his job at Buffer, Yates wanted a way to discover new shooting locations, so he whipped together a service himself.

ShutterSpots can list out popular spots using an interactive map or through a list.


The listing for each spot also shows photos previously taken in that location by others in the ShutterSpots community:


Users can also build their personal collection of favorite locations and add spots to a personalized list for an upcoming trip. Yates tells us that future updates of the app will help you plan trips more easily and also let you browse the favorite spots of well-known photographers.

The app is also compatible with the new Apple Watch, allowing you to discover locations with a glance at your wrist.


ShutterSpots has currently been released for iOS, but Yates is working on bringing the service to Android, Windows, and the Web as well.