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Video: The Man Who Turned a Russian Truck Into a Glass Plate Camera


Back in December 2016, we featured the work of Kurt Moser, an ambrotype photographer who turned a Russian truck into a massive camera for his glass plate photography. After seeing the article, the team at Valkyr Productions connected with Moser and created this beautiful 9-minute video profile about the photographer and his work.

In the film, Moser talks about ambrotype photography and shares his passion for the historical process. He ventured into the medium after spending three decades working in conflict zones around the world.

The Northern Italy-based photographer found his Russian URAL military truck while on assignment at the Berlin airport, and he managed to raise €57,566 (~$70,900) on Kickstarter to accomplish his dreams of turning the truck into a glass plate camera and darkroom for his ambitious projects.

Moser will be using his monstrous truck-camera to photograph both the Dolomites and the lives of the 80- and 90-year-old farmers working the land in his region. He’ll also be exhibiting the truck and ambrotypes at the Berlin Museum and in shows around the world when the work is complete.

You can see more of Moser’s work and learn more about his story on his website and Instagram.

Correction: This article originally stated that Moser had raised $700,000. He actually raised around $70,000. We apologize for the typo.