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This is What a Nikon DSLR Looks Like After a Dog ‘Uses’ It


Pro tip: if you’d like to keep your DSLR looking nice, don’t let large dog get its jaws or paws on it. One photographer over in Belgium learned a hard lesson recently when his German Shepherd spent some quality time with his brand new Nikon D500.

The $1,900 camera was recently sent in by the photographer to Belgian camera store PCH Pro Shop, where it was purchased from.

“A customer of ours came back the next day after purchasing a brand new Nikon D500 kit,” PCH tells PetaPixel. “He didn’t know that his German Shepherd ‘Rex’ also loved Nikon cameras, so in his own artistic way, Rex created a custom version of the D500.”

Here’s the master artist that created this custom edition Nikon D500 for his owner:

What’s interesting is that although the camera is “distressed” and smells horrible, it still works perfectly. We knew the Nikon D500 has a weatherproof build, but apparently it’s relatively German Shepherd-proof as well!