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AP’s Robot and Remote Canon DSLRs at the Olympics


Before the Olympics began, the Associated Press spent a month installing 35 miles of cables and remote camera systems at the sporting venues at the Rio 2016 Olympics. The 1-minute video above offers a glimpse at how the 8 robots and dozens of remote cameras are being used to capture sports photography during the Games.

AP says the Canon DSLRs — both shooting remotely and in the hands of photojournalists — beam their photos to a team of 16 photo editors who select a whopping 3,500 photos per day for distribution.



The remote and robotic cameras are placed to cover all angles: from above in the rafters, from below underwater, and from up-close at the side of the track.

We’ve previously shared a look at Getty Images’ underwater robotic cameras and at Canon’s impressive DSLR stockpile.