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Ep. 94: One Billion Reasons Not to Use Someone Else’s Photos – and more


Episode 94 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Photographer and Plotagraph Pro creator, Troy Plota

In This Episode

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Photographer and creator of Plotagraph Pro, Troy Plota, opens the show.  Thanks Troy!

A noted photographer sues Getty for $1 Billion. (#)

Plotagraph Pro is announced and seeks to breathe new life into your photos. (#)

More rumors about the Canon 5D Mark IV as its announcement nears. (#)

Rumors that Sony will be updating it’s a99, but is the A-mount system have any life in it. (#)

Yahoo! gets parted-out as Verizon acquires Flickr and other key assets as EyeEm offers a solution in Flickr’s uncertainty. (#)

A Kickstarter campaign for a mid-level monolight with some high-end features. (#)

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