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Exclusive: EyeEm Wooing Flickr Users, Opens Up Web Uploader to Everyone



Photography community and marketplace EyeEm is wasting no time. Just 48 hours after news broke that Verizon had agreed to buy Yahoo! (and by extension Flickr), the photo sharing company is making it super easy for you to ditch Flickr and move your entire portfolio over to EyeEm.

The news that Verizon will acquire Yahoo! has the entire photo community wondering “what happens next” when it comes to Flickr. But EyeEm isn’t waiting for an answer to the question. Instead, they’re opening up their Web uploader to everybody so that anyone can move their entire Flickr collection (or Dropbox, or Google Drive, or Picasa) over to EyeEm in a flash.

It’s important to note that this isn’t just an import tool, it comes with EyeEm’s cutting-edge Vision technology. All imported photos will be analyzed and appropriate tags suggested so you get maximum visibility in EyeEm’s community right away. Accept individual tags or add them all at once, it’s up to you.

The whole process is easy enough to be demonstrated in a simple GIF:

The EyeEm Web uploader was first introduced back in 2015, but until today it was exclusively for EyeEm Market users—if you didn’t sell your photos through EyeEm, you didn’t have access. That allowed EyeEm to test the uploader, work out the bugs, and, to be blunt, jump on an opportunity when one came its way.

Verizon/Yahoo/Flickr just gave them that opportunity.


“With more than 18 million photographers, EyeEm has an active, vibrant community sharing not just incredible photos but also an appreciation for the art of taking them,” EyeEm told us. “If you are coming from another service, we think you’ll be surprised by the interaction and positive spirit of our community.”

Of course, if you do want to license your images through the EyeEm Market, they certainly won’t stop you. That, too, can be controlled from within the Uploader. But the main point of this release is to make it as easy as possible for those fleeing Flickr to jump into the EyeEm community.

To try it for yourself, head over to EyeEm by clicking here. That link should take you to a sign up page or right to the uploader if you already have an account.