This Software Can Turn Any Single JPEG Into an Animated GIF


Plotagraph Pro is an incredible new photography tool that can take any still image and animate it into a beautiful looping GIF or video file. No need to shoot a video or capture multiple frames, a single JPEG is all this Web-app needs.

Plotagraph Pro was created by photographer and artist Troy Plota, and it’s basically being marketed as a simple alternative to time-intensive Cinemagraph creation.

“Cinemagraphs originate from video footage and requires specific video production which adds considerably to the costs. This also greatly limits the amount of available footage,” it says on the Plotagraph Pro website. “Plotagraphs are free from the constraints of video which makes Billions of images available to bring to life at a fraction of the price of any other process.”

Any single JPEG can be turned into a flowing animation and exported as a GIF, MP4, or MOV file through a patent-pending combination of specialized imaging algorithms.

Photographer Trey Ratcliff has been playing around with Platograph Pro for a while, and today he released a BTS video that shows you a few of his favorite examples and illustrates how easy the software actually is to use:

The interface itself seems pretty simple and the results speak for themselves. Of course, given the single JPEG source, there are limitations, but there are also a ton of possibilities. Here are a couple of examples that Trey has posted online:



We have to admit, the ability to take any existing still image and “breathe new life” into it is pretty enticing, and it seems we’re not the only ones that think that. According to Digital Trends, Plotagraph Pro has already been used by big guns like Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Airbnb. All that’s left is to release it to the rest of us mere mortals.

Speaking of which, Plotagraph Pro is now available as a pre-release beta to a limited number of users before it goes live for all. You can learn more about the service on the Plotagraph Pro website where you can also sign up for one year of access + 10GB of online storage for the special introductory price of $300.

Tempted? Curious? Meh? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And if you want to see more Plotagraph examples, head over to the company’s Instagram.

Update on 10/25/17: Here’s what we’re hearing about new pricing:

All new accounts are free with features enabled as the user grows their content/popularity. You can also subscribe for $19.99 a month or enable the extra features on the free account for 24hrs by paying $4.99.

Image credits: Plotagraphs by Trey Ratcliff and used under CC license.