Build a DIY Flickr Auto-Uploader with Raspberry Pi


Flickr generated a lot of bad feelings back in March 2016 by making its Auto-Uploadr app a Pro-only feature. If you’re not Pro but would still like the convenience of automatically uploading new photos, you can build a custom gadget that does it for you.

Developer Eduardo Balsa of Switzerland did just that recently. Needing a way to back up his DSLR pphotos to Flickr (his “main repository”), Balsa wrote some software that turned his Raspberry Pi 3 computer into an auto Flickr uploader.

Basically, Balsa wrote a simple open source Python script called flickrup that does the grunt work for you. Whenever the software detects that a USB mass storage device is connected (e.g. whether it’s a memory card or a camera), it uploads the photos from that device to your Flickr account with the privacy settings set to Private.

“Usually I don’t like to have to leave my workstation on just to upload photos, and I don’t like to use it while photos are being uploaded because the bandwidth usage makes Chrome extremely slow,” writes Balsa, “so I decided that I needed a way to upload my photos as automatically as possible.”

If you have some technical know-how and would like to try your hand at getting this working for yourself, get a Rapsberry Pi and download flickrup over on GitHub. Good luck!

(via Eduardo Balsa via Lifehacker)