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Watch the NY Times Photo Editors Curate Their ‘Week in Pictures’



If you’re a photojournalist (or even just a lover of great photojournalism) this video may just be a ‘must watch.’ Recorded earlier today during a Facebook live stream, the video lets you sit down next to the New York Times photo editors as they sift through and curate their “Week in Pictures” feature that will go live on the Lens blog tomorrow.

They have a total of 186 images (culled already from thousands of submissions) to go through over the course of the hour-long stream, and as they do, they talk about what makes a photo stand out to them, why they picked one and not another, and how the images fit into the overall flow they’re designing.

It’s a fascinating glimpse “behind the curtain,” so to speak. Check it out for yourself below, and make sure you turn up your volume because the audio quality isn’t great:

(via dvafoto)