Leaked Photos of the Pentax K-1 Full Frame DSLR


Pentax has been teasing its first full frame DSLR for months now, and the latest word is that it’ll be arriving in the spring of 2016. If shadowy teaser photos and sample shots aren’t enough for you, check out these new leaked product photos and specs.

Digicame-info received and published the leak from a tipster today. As long as the photos show the real thing — they do appear to match all the teaser images — then the K-1, as it’s called, will look like a bigger, bulkier K-3 (an APS-C DSLR). Here’s what the K-3 II looks like:

A view of the back of the K-1 also reveals what appears to be a 33-point autofocus system (the K-3 has 27 points), but the exact number of points hasn’t been confirmed.


Here’s what the back of the K-3 II looks like:

Here are views from the two sides of the K-1:



Other reported specs of the K-1 include a 36.4MP full frame CMOS sensor, 6.5fps continuous shooting, an ISO range of 100 to 204800, built-in GPS, SD/SDHC/SDXC, and a weight of 925g (~32.6oz). Spring is just around the corner, so stay tuned for the official announcement!