A Real World Review of the Pentax K-1

I got my Pentax K-1 last night and have spent the entire day with it, shooting and getting a feel for the camera. I thought the Pentaxians in the crowd might be interested to read a real world review of Pentax’s newest camera and first full frame offering.

Pentax K-1’s Pixel Shift Rivals Medium Format Dynamic Range, Report

Pentax fans have been waiting for the full-frame K1 with bated breath, and the first impressions coming out of the review community seem to indicate they haven't been holding their breath for nothing. In fact, a new test report claims the K1's dynamic range can compete with medium format!

Here’s the Pentax K-1 Owner’s Manual

Back in February, Pentax announced its first full-frame DSLR, the K-1. The camera, which has some pretty nifty and novel features and fantastic weathersealing, won't start shipping until late April. If you want a look at what the camera can do, the operating manual has appeared online.

Leaked Photos of the Pentax K-1 Full Frame DSLR

Pentax has been teasing its first full frame DSLR for months now, and the latest word is that it'll be arriving in the spring of 2016. If shadowy teaser photos and sample shots aren't enough for you, check out these new leaked product photos and specs.