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Microsoft’s New iOS Selfie App Guesses Your Age to Auto-Enhance Your Face



Microsoft has launched a new camera app for iPhones that’s designed to help you take the perfect selfie. It’s called Microsoft Selfie, and it uses some of Microsoft’s latest technology to auto-tweak snapshots of your face.


After snapping a face photo with your front or back camera, the app will analyze the photo to figure out your age, gender, skin tone, lighting, and other variables. It can then apply a number of enhancements to your selfie with just a single tap.

“Users can transform average photos into more presentable portraits in seconds,” Microsoft says. “Key features of this application are noise reduction, intelligent enhancement, automatic exposure and color theme.”


The app also includes preset “filters” you can use to apply different styles and looks to your selfies.

Microsoft Selfie is available now for free through the iTunes App Store. The 57 megabyte app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

(via iTunes App Store via Engadget)

P.S. Microsoft put its age-guessing algorithm online for public enjoyment earlier this year with its website “How Old Do I Look?.”