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Ep. 31: When A Family Photo Accidentally Causes Controversy – and more


Episode 31 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Photographer Chris Orwig

In This Episode

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Photographer Chris Orwig, author of The Creative Fight, opens the show. Thanks Chris.

A photographer fulfills a family’s request and creates a controversial family Christmas portrait. (#)

Sigma releases a super strong protective ceramic lens filter, but do you even need one? (#)

Kodak says it’ll be profitable again in 2016 after years of taking losses in its film business. (#)

Adobe Lightroom Mobile v2.1 for iOS is released with some pretty powerful new features. (#)

What happens when you drop a Sony a7R in lava? Very, very bad things is what! (#)

Listener Cal in Florida wants to know how to deal with wedding guests leaning into the aisle ruining his photos.

Flickr’s user data shows which cameras are most-used and some other interesting info. (#)

Sony’s Sky HDR app gives landscape photographers the ability to have a graduated ND filter in-camera. (#)

The FAA’s B4UFLY app seeks to help drone owners from running afoul of rules and regulations. (#)


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