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Sigma Unveils the World’s First Protective Lens Filter Made of Ceramic



Sigma today announced the Ceramic Protector, a new and novel lens filter that’s the first to use a clear glass ceramic material that helps to protect lenses more than traditional filters.

The new filters are repellent and resistant against water, dust, oil, fingerprints, scratches, and shocks, giving you greater peace of mind when taking your lens into unpredictable environments.


Sigma says that thanks to “a special heat treatment that evenly precipitates microcrystalline spinel throughout the materials,” the new clear glass ceramic has a Vickers hardness number of 700HV and is 10 times stronger than traditional filters and 3 times stronger than chemically strengthened filters.


The new filters aren’t just durable, but they’re portable as well: they’re 50% thinner and 30% lighter than Sigma’s existing filters.

“The new Clear Glass Ceramic protector is the first of its kind and the strongest material used in the industry,” says Sigma American President Mark Amir-Hamzeh. “It will enable photographers to safeguard their lenses, while maintaining the impressive sharpness offered by high-quality glass.”

Here’s a short video that introduces and explains the new filters:

The new Sigma Ceramic Protector filters will be available in most popular filter thread sizes from 67mm to 105mm when it’s officially released. Pricing and availability have yet to be revealed.