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Verifly: $1,000,000 in Drone Insurance ‘On Demand’ for as Little as $10/Hour



If you’re getting into drone photography and you don’t want to end up paying for someone’s roof or head injury in case of an accident, you might want to look into Verifly. A drone insurance company, they offer $1,000,000 in coverage that you can buy by the hour so you’re only insured when you fly.

The idea of ‘on demand’ drone insurance makes a lot of sense given the growing popularity of recreational drone use. Most people flying drones won’t be using them for commercial purposes—maybe just shooting some beautiful aerial photos for themselves. With Verfily, those pilots can go up knowing that if they fall or are knocked out of the sky, they’re covered.

Using the Verifly app, they can buy insurance in a few taps, securing $1,000,000 in liability coverage and $10,000 in Invasion of Privacy coverage for as little as $10 per hour. Rates are determined by location and live weather conditions.


“Verifly uses geospatial mapping to assess the risks of flying a drone based on location and current conditions to provide a real-time quote,” explains the company. “With two taps, users purchase third-party liability insurance instantly through the simple and intuitive Verifly app.”

The insurance covers any drone under 15lbs in case of injury to people, property damage, and invasion of privacy issues; it does not cover the drone itself or any accessories you’re using.

So if you crash the drone in the middle of nowhere and nobody or nothing is hurt, you’re just as out of luck as you were before. If, however, you intend to fly (legally) over someone or something that could potentially be damaged if you lose control, you may want to consider it.


Verifly coverage is underwritten by Global Aerospace, Inc, a leading aviation insurance provider with decades of experience, so the service is definitely legitimate. To find out more or give Verifly a shot for yourself on your next commercial or recreational shoot, head over to the company’s website or download their Android or iOS app.