How to Make a DIY Eyelighter Reflector for $40

After sharing his DIY square “ring light” build here back in July, photographer Isiah Xiong is back again with another DIY project. This time, Xiong is explaining how he built a DIY version of the $300 the Eyelighter reflector for around $40 to $50 in materials.

You can find the step-by-step tutorial in the 3-minute video above.

Here’s the gist of what you’ll need to do. The reflector is mainly made with foam board, aluminum foil, PVC pipe, and PVC connectors (“T” connectors and 90-degree elbows).

First, score the foamcore reflector base to make it so you can roll it up:



Do this with three boards, and then tape up all three after scoring to create one large surface with the non-cut side.


Crumple up some aluminum foil and then flatten it out to create your reflector surface. Cover the flat surface of your reflector base with this foil.


Create a stand for the reflector using PVC pipe and connectors (you can find measurements for the lengths you’ll need in the video above):



Voila! A cheap Eyelighter reflector substitute that you built with your own hands. Here’s an example of what the reflector can do:




Be sure to watch the video at the top of the post if you’d like a more detailed look at how this project is done. You can also check out more of Xiong’s work over on his website.

Image credits: Video and photographs by Isiah Xiong and used with permission