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Turn a Used Candy Box Into a Mirrored Pop-Up Flash Bounce Reflector


Want to improve the quality of the photos captured using your DSLR’s popup flash? Tina (AKA synthetic_meat) discovered that the cardboard box that came with a particular brand of chocolate had a nice silver lining on the inside — perfect for making a mirrored bounce reflector! After some cutting, scoring, and folding, she came up with a DIY Lightscoop clone that lets you bounce your onboard flash off the ceiling or wall for softer and more appealing images. You can download the free template to make your own in both A4 and Letter formats.

Here are some sample shots showing what the reflector can do. Bounced photo is on the left, while no flash and direct flash can be seen on the right:

If you can’t find any silver-lined cardboard, you can also use standard cardboard or card stock and line it yourself with aluminum foil.

(via Lifehacker)

Image credit: New: now with template! foldable recycled mirror popup flash bouncer by synthetic_meat and used with permission