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The Average Cost for Wedding Photography in 2014 Was $2,556



Here’s how much the average couple spent on wedding photography for their big day in 2014: $2,556. That’s nearly a 5% increase from the average cost the previous year of $2,440.

The figure is from a survey of 16,000 brides and grooms in the United States, the largest of its kind, conducted by wedding resource website The Knot. For the eighth year in a row, the service did some serious digging into the financial spending habits for weddings in America.

Here’s a chart that breaks down what couples are spending money on for their weddings:


The studies consistently show that photography is generally the third biggest expense on the wedding day, just after the venue itself and the band at the reception.

If considered as one category with videography, couples are spending an average of $4,350 on professional photos and videos to remember their wedding day. That’s about 14% of the average budget ($31,213) for a wedding these days.

Image credits: Header image based on photograph by Elvert Barnes