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Couples are Spending More on the Photographer, Wedding Survey Finds



With craigslist ads like this one going up all the time, it’s easy to think things are looking pretty bleak for professional wedding photographers. But a new survey of nearly 18,000 brides married in 2015 paints a rosier picture.

The survey was performed by the “the #1 wedding resource” website, The Knot, and covered everything from how much you spent on your flower arrangements, to whether or not you opted for a themed wedding, to how much you used your smartphone to plan the wedding. They even covered the most expensive (and cheapest) places to get married.

But the part of interest to us had to do with the photographers. The Knot found that not only do almost 9 out of 10 couples opt to hire a professional photographer for their wedding, but the amount they’re spending on that photographer is actually up. Couples spent, on average, $2,556 on their photographer in 2014; that number went up to $2,618 for 2015.


Beyond those points that specifically dealt with wedding photography, there were several other interesting tidbits in the survey that you might want to take note of. Destination weddings are down, as are the average number of wedding guests; but average spend per guest is up and couples are willing to drop more cash on ‘themed’ or ‘ethnic’ elements that will make the day more memorable for everybody.

It’s also interesting to note the most expensive and cheapest places to get married. Manhattan and Chicago top the list (no surprise there) but the most affordable place to get married was actually Alaska, which was a bit of a surprise for us.

There’s a lot more where that came from, so if you want to read all of the study’s findings for yourself, click here.

(via PopPhoto)