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Nikon Issues an Official Service Advisory for the D750 Flare Issue: Check for a Black Dot



Nikon said earlier this month that it would be offering free repairs for D750 owners affected by the camera’s flare issue, and today the company issued a service advisory that gets the ball rolling.

There’s a new serial number checking page on the Nikon site that can help existing D750 owners determine whether their camera is one of those affected. Find your camera’s serial number on the baseplate, type it into the field on the website, and the website will provide you with details on how to get your camera repaired for free (as well as a UPS shipping label) if you’re affected.


Once cameras are shipped to the repair locations, “the service center will inspect and service light-shielding components, and adjust AF sensor position, to resolve the occurrence of unnaturally shaped flare free of charge,” Nikon says.

If you purchased your D750 recently after news of this issue broke, your camera may already be adjusted. As we reported a week ago, Nikon has been instructing stores to ship back their stock for repair, and newer shipments have already been fixed.

The way to see if your unit has been fixed already is to check the tripod socket. Do you see a black dot?


If you do see it, that’s Nikon’s way of informing you that your camera has already received the necessary alterations; the issue does not apply to you and no service is necessary.