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Seagate Seven is the World’s Thinnest External Hard Drive for Storing Your Photos On the Go



Want to cut down on the size and weight of your photo storage system when shooting on the go? You may want to check out the new Seagate Seven external hard drive. It’s the world’s thinnest — and arguably most beautiful — external hard drive.

The Seven gets its name from the fact that it is just 7mm thick, which is thinner than some smartphones on the market today. It also measures 3 inches wide by 4.47-inches long.

Inside is a 5mm drive that can hold 500 gigabytes of data and uses USB 3.0 for transfers.

Instead of a bulky enclosure, the hard drive uses a sleek, all-stainless-steel design that allows for a slim form factor without compromising on strength and ruggedness.



The Seagate Seven will be available in mid-to-late January 2015 with a price tag of $100. Look for it at an electronics retailer near you (or on the Web).