Halloween Tutorial: How to Carve a Realistic Looking Jack O’ Lantern in Photoshop

Love carving Jack O’ Lanterns? Hate the mess? No problem. We are photographers after all, which means we don’t need to actually go out and DO things like this… we can just ‘fix it in post.’ Jokes aside, this short and simple tutorial will show you how to carve a simple Jack O’ Lantern entirely inside of Photoshop.

No seeds, no sharp objects, no mess, just a bit of digital trickery.

The tutorial was put together by Howard Pinsky, who said it’s actually a more refined version of an older tutorial he did years ago. Even refined though, it’s not a tough project. All you need is a picture of a pumpkin and about 7 minutes of time, and you’ll go from this:


To this:


Check it out for yourself up top, and if you like this sort of photographer trickery to get out of actually doing festive things, check out how Photoshop wizard Corey Baker ‘decorated’ his house for Christmas last year.

(via Photofocus)