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ChargeAll is the World’s Smallest Battery Pack with a Standard Wall Outlet for Charging Your Gear



Looking to change the game in terms of portable battery packs is a new product called the ChargeAll Portable Power Outlet. The self-proclaimed ‘worlds smallest portable power outlet,’ it manages to pack a standard 120V wall outlet into the device alongside the more standard USB option.


Whether you’re in need of an outlet while at a busy airport or just need a small back-up in case you forget to charge your camera’s batteries before you head out, the ChargeAll has you covered. Its considerably small design has a rather sleek form factor and manages to doll out quite the juice considering the devices’ size.

The small edition comes in at 4” by 6” by 1” and packs 12000 mAh into its frame while the large edition comes in at 5.25” by 7.5” by 1” and packs in 18000 mAh. The small version is capable of charging up an iPhone 5s seven times and a MacBook Pro twice while the large version ups those numbers to 11 charges for the iPhone 5s and 3 full charges for the MacBook Pro.


Here’s a video that introduces the product:

You can pick up a small pack for $200 and a large one for $230 over in the ChargeAll store.