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PhotographyBB Magazine Reopens Its Archives, Lets You Download All 54 Editions for Free


Update: It looks like the original download links are now defunct. They appear to be redirecting visitors to a deal a day website. Apologies.


After officially ending its run last year, the PDF photography magazine PhotographyBB has reopened its archives by popular demand. Created and edited by Dave Seeram, PhotographyBB published over 50 editions over the course of its four-year existence, and now you can download every single one of them for free.

Seeram says he experienced overwhelming demand to bring back the archived issues of PhotographyBB, so much so that he gave in and now all 54 editions are available in PDF form over on the PhotographyBB website. The PDFs range from 4-20MB in size, so the whole archive would come down to roughly .5GB if you’re looking to download them all.

Speaking of which, if downloading them one-by-one seems like too much of a hassle, Reddit user munky82 points out that you can use the Firefox extension DownThemAll! to download multiples at once and save yourself some time.

Whether you’re wanting to read through them for nostalgia’s sake, or for the information they contain, you now have access to four years worth of quality photography publication for free. Head on over to PhotographyBB [Update: Link is no longer working] to get started on your downloads.

(via Photography Blog)