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Protip: Perfectly Synchronize the Clocks on Multiple Cameras Using a Computer



If you’ve ever needed to deal with photos shot with multiple cameras at the same event, you’ve probably found how important the clocks on the cameras are for keeping the resulting photos neat and orderly. If timestamps are off, then figuring out when photos were captured in relation to each other can be a pain.

One way you can make sure the clocks on your cameras are perfectly synchronized is by automatically synchronizing them to your computer.

If your camera came with software by the manufacturer, there’s a good chance you can find this synchronization feature somewhere inside. Canon’s EOS Utility has a button for doing this when setting the camera’s date/time. Simply click the “From PC” button in the configuration popup.

You can also choose to have the program automatically synchronize your camera to your computer every time it’s connected (it’s a good idea to do this every once in a while).

Nikon’s Camera Control Pro has had an option for synchronizing your camera to your PC since early 2013. It’s a “Synchronize camera date and time to PC” option that’s found in the Camera menu’s “Set Date and Time” item.

For other programs by other manufacturers, check the Help guides to see if such an option exists.

(via The Digital Picture)