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Ricoh’s Gunmetal-Gray Limited-Edition Pentax K-3 Looks Like it Could Beat Up Your DSLR



Leica and Hasselblad should take a page out of Ricoh’s book: when you release a limited-edition camera, you don’t slap a hello kitty sticker or some fancy wood on it. You do what Ricoh did with the limited-edition Pentax K-3 ‘Prestige’ and cover the thing in gunmetal.

Make no mistake, this K-3 can beat up your K-3… or pretty much any other DSLR you own.

Announced officially last night, this slick-looking limited-edition might tempt a few of those users on the fence to bite the bullet (get it? gunmetal? bullet? oh never mind…) and buy the dang thing.

Definitely better looking than the silver limited edition K-3 that came before it, the 2,000 Prestige units Ricoh is making are set to ship in August for $1,400 a piece. For that price, you’ll get the camera (a favorite among crop sensor shooters), a matching gunmetal-gray BG-5 battery grip, black leather strap, and two batteries.

To find out more about the K-3, check out our release coverage here. Or, if you’re ready to pull the trigger (last pun, I promise) and secure one of the 2,000 Prestige edition K-3s, shoot on over (I lied) to B&H Photo and place your pre-order by clicking here.