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Leica Works with Playboy & Hello Kitty for Its Latest Limited Edition Shooter



In the latest bit of news that would show up on our version of ‘REALLY!? with Seth and Amy’ if we made such a thing, Leica has teamed up with none other than adult entertainment giant Playboy and kid-friendly icon Hello Kitty for its most recent ultra-limited edition Leica C camera.

To be fair, this isn’t Leica’s doing primarily. This odd trio was brought together by French clothing store Colette to create an item for the store’s Hello Kitty x Playboy collection (Warning: Loud music… pause button at the bottom left of the page). But the camera is definitely the headliner here… the nicest item in a collection that includes everything from cell phone cases to dice.

Only ten of these special Leica C variants will be created, each featuring an image of Hello Kitty on the front, wearing Playboy bunny ears and holding a camera. Here’s a closer look at this special edition Panasonic LF1 Leica C:






Given that only 10 of these are to be made, you’d think they’d be grossly overpriced, but it’s actually not bad. The regular Leica C goes for $700, and this one is listed on the Colette site for only $1,265 so… you know… they’re practically giving it away.

To find out more about the camera or if you want to see about getting one for yourself, head over to the Colette website by clicking here.

(via iO9 via Imaging Resource)