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In-Depth Presentation Demystifies the Gray Areas of Copyright Law for Photographers


This hour and fifteen minute-long presentation is one of the most detailed and useful videos on copyright law for photographers that we’ve run across. Put together by B&H in New York, they asked the The Copyright Zone guys, photographer Jack Reznicki and lawyer Ed Greenberg, to tell viewers and attendees “everything you wanted to know about copyright but were afraid to ask.”

A mark in the pros column for this video, and one of the reasons you should bookmark it if you can’t view it right away, is that they’re not going over the absolute basics. The point of the presentation is to address the “boatload bad information, myths, factoids, and half-truths” about copyright that are floating around.

Lookie who published the first example they show in the video?

At an hour and fifteen minutes, it’s not a short watch by any stretch of the imagination, but the duo’s fun and funny style makes for an engaging presentation that isn’t at all difficult to sit through. Give it a watch up top and be sure to let us know if there’s any info in the talk that took you by surprise.

(via The-Digital-Picture)