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Reminder: This is Why You Don’t Shoot the Wedding Party on a Flimsy Dock


Consider this a friendly reminder for any wedding photographers who haven’t already heard it or maybe even forgot the tip when we shared it almost exactly a year ago.

When you’re trying to find the perfect location to photograph the wedding party, take into account the stability of the location of choice, and particularly avoid flimsy docks. If you don’t, your subjects might end up like the poor folks in the short video above.


From the looks of the video, everybody turned out okay, if a bit wet and miserable. Only four people managed to reach safe ground (and avoid what must have been a nasty dry-cleaning bill) thanks to their cat-like reflexes.

And while we may cringe at the thought of this being us, the minute-long video is still a good watch and will hopefully put a smile on your face this hump day.

(via Fstoppers)