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Use Your TV Remote to Control Your DSLR When Viewing Photos on the Big Screen

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Here’s a basic tip that some of you may have overlooked in your DSLR’s owner manual: did you know that you can use your TV’s remote when reviewing photos on it from your DSLR? It feels much better than holding your connected DSLR in your hands, and as long as you have a compatible TV and DSLR, the process is a breeze.

The most basic requirement for this is that both your TV and camera need to have Consumer Electronics Control (CEC). CEC is an HDMI feature that allows remote controls to command compatible devices. Most newer TVs and DSLRs have this feature built in.

Once you’ve verified that, you’ll want to connect your DSLR to your TV with the appropriate HDMI cable. Next, you need to enable HDMI control in your camera’s settings. Voila! Now you can coolly flip through your photos as easily as you flip through channels while you’re showing off your images to friends and family (or clients if you need to quickly look over images the day of).

Here’s a video tutorial by CNET that guides you through this simple process (there’s a text version here):

Image credit: Photo illustration based on photo by Iain Watson

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