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BlueSLR Dongle Offers GPS and Remote iPhone Shooting in a Small Package


onOneSoftware’s DSLR Camera Remote is a convenient way to control your camera remotely with an iPhone or iPad, but a major downside is that the camera needs to be connected via wire to a computer running the software. BlueSLR is a dongle that connects to your DSLR and allows it to be controlled using an iPhone or iPad, allowing you to shoot remotely from up to 300 feet away. It also geotags your photos, writing its GPS location to the EXIF data of your images. Sadly, it’s only compatible with Nikon DSLRs for now, though they’re working on releasing a Canon version as well.

Be warned though — portability will come at a great price. While the basic version of DSLR Camera Remote is free (the pro version is $20), the BlueSLR dongle will set you back $149. Hmmm… If the geotagging isn’t what you’re after, maybe carrying around a laptop isn’t such a big deal after all.

BlueSLR Remote Shutter (via Engadget)