Using Body Painted Models to Create and Photograph a Fiat 500c Abarth

Editor’s Note: This video is a tiny bit NSFW. All nudity has been censored, but the models are at times very scantily clad so you may want to wait until you’re at home to watch it.


While The Body Issue of ESPN Magazine usually keeps the focus on bodies in a sporty sense, Fiat wanted to make an impression in its advertising pages as well.

And so, taking the Fiat 500C’s motto “Made of Pure Muscle” to its most literal sense, Fiat used 15 circus performers, acrobats and artists to turn human bodies into a car without the help of Photoshop.

Shot by photographer RJ Muna, along with the help of body paint artist Craig Tracy, the shoot took 5 days from beginning to end. The conceptualization of the project was a bit more human resource-intensive, consisting of 30-40 people working to map out the positioning of the models, projections and lighting.

This – partially NSFW – behind the scenes video shows the people, time and resources put into making this equal parts impressive and creative advertisement a reality. Sit back and enjoy the four and a half minute video.

(via Fiat via SLRLounge)