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THIS is How You Change a Lens Like a Pro: Sony Ad Shows Mid-Skydive Lens Change


A couple of weeks ago, we shared a video that showed a guy dropping his brand new $2,300 24-70mm f/2.8L lens as he demonstrates how to quickly swap your lenses out “just like the pros.” Some people thought it was real, some thought it was fake, but whatever the case it definitely WAS a big fat fail.

That is 100% not the case with the epic Sony ad above, which is titled simply “A7R,” but ought to be called “THIS is How You Change a Lens Like a Pro”… feel free to substitute “bada**” for “pro.”

The video was put together by cinematographer Simon Hammond and, although we have zero information about it, we had to share what has to be the coolest lens swap we’ve ever seen. Not because it’s fast, or particularly ‘professional,’ but because it’s happening in mid-air between two skydivers.


“Reaching that balance between the visual narrative of the work and the emotional content of a scene, no matter how short or long, is something I strive for,” writes Hammond in his bio. We’d say he hit that goal big time here.

To see more of his work — which includes equally awesome creations for everyone from Motorola, to Toyota, to Red Bull — head over to his website by clicking here. Oh, and not that we have to say this, but we don’t suggest trying this the next time you go skydiving… the guy who dropped his 24-70mm might have been able to use it afterwards, we don’t think that would be the case if you dropped something here.

(via ISO 1200)