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Guy Drops a $2,300 Lens Or: How NOT to Screw a Lens On & Off ‘Just Like the Pros’


Usually we try to stay away from traumatizing you at the very beginning of the week, but this week, we’ll make an exception. The video above started out as a tutorial on how to quickly attach and detach a lens “just like a pro”; it turned into a cringeworthy photographer fail.

There’s not much to describe here, you have all of the ingredients for a terrible mishap: $2,300 Canon 24-70 f/2.8L lens? Check! Overconfident photographer? Check! Attempting this demonstration over concrete? You betcha! You can probably fill in the rest from here yourself. Mix those three together and you get the stomach-churning sound of a $2.3K piece of equipment bouncing on the ground.

Fair warning: he does drop a well-placed (and much-needed) curse word in addition to the lens. Also, we apologize in advance it this video makes you cry a little…

(via Reddit)

P.S. A few YouTube commenters are calling B.S. and saying the video is faked — just an attempt to get hits. What do you think?