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Rumor: Sony Has ‘Non-Bayer’ Sensors in the Works, Might Arrive as Soon as 2015



It’s been a little while since we’ve seen fit to report on a rumor. Most of what has passed through the rumor mill of late has either not been significant enough, or only worth linking out to. This news, however, caught our eye: it seems Sony is working on a ‘non-Bayer’ sensor that might appear in cameras as early as late 2015.

The news, as with most rumors regarding the goings on at Sony, comes from sonyalpharumors, and is rated as “almost certainly correct.” According to “very trusted sources,” the previously-rumored 54-megapixel Sony sensor with Phase Detect AF on-sensor will, supposedly, eschew the typical RGB Bayer array in favor of some other configuration.


Neither we nor SAR has any idea what this alternate configuration will look like — and there are already alternatives out there, such as Sigma’s Foveon sensors — but the simple fact that one of the leading sensor manufacturers in the world is moving away from the Bayer array is significant in its own right.

According to SAR, Sony will continue producing its standard 24MP and 36MP FF sensors through 2014 and most of 2015, with the new sensors making their appearance starting either in late 2015 or early 2016 depending on what the competition looks like.

(via sonyalpharumors)