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New Irish Law May Kill Photography Jobs



A group representing Irish photofinishers and related businesses says the country’s new driver’s license policies could kill as many as 500 photography jobs.

The new policy, which goes into effect at the end of September, require that all driver’s license photos be taken at a government National Driving License Service office at the time the license application is presented. Currently, Irish drivers can have their photo taken and printed at any commercial establishment that complies with official standards.

The new policy is meant to ensure that photos are electronically linked with the driver’s signature via the SAFE2 identification standard.


Photo ID Professionals Ireland, an industry group that represents the country’s photography shops and photofinishers, says the change will eliminate as many as 500 jobs in the industry. It will also mean that driver’s license photos will look like, well, driver’s license photos, since drivers can no longer choose the image that goes on their license.

And the change is unnecessary, says the group, as members are fully capable of working with the SAFE2 system.


“This is a red herring,” Tadhg Foley tells Dublin People. Foley is the head of the group and general manager of photo booth operator Photo-Me. “Photo booths, photo shops and pharmacies’ photo IDs meet all the standards required for SAFE2.”

(via Dublin People)

Image credits: Irish Driver’s License by User:O’Dea and Photo Booth by basheertome