Kim Kardashian Brings Lighting Team to DMV For Driver’s License Photo

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian brought her own lighting and glam team for the “most important photo” of her life — her driver’s license photo.

Kardashian decided she wanted to retake her driver’s license photo ahead of her 42nd birthday and reserved the entire DMV to shoot the image.

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In footage aired on Thursday’s episode of Hulu’s reality show The Kardashians, the star was filmed bringing a lighting team and make-up artists to the DMV — which was open only for her license photoshoot.

This is The Most Important Photo You’ll Ever Take

“This is the most important photo you’ll ever take in your life,” Kardashian says of the challenge of shooting her driver’s license image.

“I really just want it to look good, like why not bring a light and a glam team? It’s definitely crazy, but I don’t care.”

Kardashian describe how she was “so nervous” about getting her driver’s license image taken and she had to make sure to “have photo approval.”

In the clip, Kardashian has a make-up artist adjust her hair and make final touches to her face. Meanwhile, a lighting team member focuses a fill light on Kardashian as she stands against the blue backdrop for the license photo.

As the DMV worker takes Kardashian’s photo, her team makes some critiques about how the picture looks and complains that the camera is too close to the star’s face.

Kardashian’s team also asks if the DMV worker, who is called Blanca, can take a few photos so that they can compare and get the perfect shot. Another member tries to get Blanca to “airdrop” the images so they can approve them.

“Is there any way to save this, do another, and have it side-by-side?” Kardashian asks Blanca, who says no.

The Pursuit of The Perfect ID Photo

Kardashian eventually gets the perfect driver’s license photo and the team thanks Blanca for her photography skills.

“We’ve worked with many photographers along the way, Blanca, and you got the shot,” Kardashian’s make-up artist Chris Appleton says.

“Too many people live with driving licenses which are not cute, so we need to make sure it’s right.”

The pursuit of the perfect passport and driving license photo has become a much-discussed topic on social media. PetaPixel previously reported on an influencer who was almost barred from boarding her flight when airport staff thought she looked nothing like her “hot” passport photo.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.