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Pics.io Wants to Bring RAW Photo Editing to a Browser Near You


Picsio App 1

Traditionally, a photographer’s post-processing workflow does not include a web browser, but rather, tools like Lightroom and Aperture. Pics.io is hoping to change that, and is working to bring serious RAW picture editing and collaborating to the web browser.

The start-up, founded by three Ukranian entrepreneurs, uses WebGL technology (which, in short, allows web browsers to harness the power of a computer’s graphics card) to make the online tools they offer a reality. The mission? Get more people to dabble into RAW photography by offering easy access to editing tools.

Picsio App 2

Speaking of easy, the process for getting started with Pics.io editing involves simply dragging an imported image into your web browser, and it can be edited right away. Thereafter, Pics.io will upload the image to Google Drive (other storage options may become available, eventually). Edits can then be made accordingly using the supplied tools, which we unfortunately do not have much information on, at the moment, given this project is still in development.

Future plans for Pics.io include allowing multiple layer editing and a connection service that will allow photographers to get in touch with users who may be able to edit or retouch their images.

Pics.io — in private alpha, at the moment — expects to launch their service a bit later this year. Tools will be available for free, allowing a user to edit up to a few photos per month, whilst premium users will be able to edit an unlimited amount of photos.

Pics.io (via CNET)

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