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BTS: The Rolls Royce Wraith Launch Film and the Largest DSLR Array in Europe


In order to shoot the best Rolls Royce Wraith launch film possible, Angus Elliott and company pulled out all of the stops. In addition to using some very nice video cameras and all-around great filmmaking, they also wanted to shoot a bullet time sequence, for which they set up a 100 DSLR array. By their reckoning, that’s the largest DSLR array shot in Europe.

Fortunately, filmmaker Jack Flynn was there to capture the process in action, and in the video above he gives us a behind the scenes peek at the making of the Rolls Royce Wraith launch video.


The video itself was shot in two separate undisclosed locations, and there’s not much detail about it beyond what we’ve mentioned at the top. For the “world stood still” portion at the end, they set up the above array of 100 Nikon DSLRs shooting through 35mm lenses, a setup they had to build and use twice in one night!

Here’s the final product:

To see more from Elliott or Flynn, check both of them out on Vimeo here and here, respectively.

(via ISO 1200)