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Canon Press Event Rumored for April 23, Possible EOS 70D Announcement



Rumors have been swirling that Canon is primed to announce yet another DSLR by month’s end. According to Craig Blair of Canon Rumors, Canon’s EOS 70D — the long-rumored successor to the 60D — may finally see its official debut at a rumored April 23rd press event.

So far, rumors about the 70D haven’t been very substantial. Initially, it was thought that the 70D would be a 60D/7D hybrid that would steal the APS-C crown away from the 7D when an entry-level full-frame 7D Mark II came out. However, a recently-leaked list of specs for the 7D Mark II has it keeping that crown as a lower-cost, APS-C alternative to the 1D X.

Most sources expect a big jump in performance from the 60D to the 70D, but the only spec we’ve heard so far is that the 70D will house the same sensor found in Canon’s tiny SL1, with the 7D Mark II sporting a 24.1 megapixel sensor whenever it finally debuts.

Blair is still waiting to get an invitation in hand before he can confirm the April 23rd press event, but this particular source of his has been reliable in the past, so keep your fingers crossed for yet another SLR to hit shelves by month’s end — our apologies to Mr. Bailey.

(via Canon Rumors)

Update on April 23, 2013: No announcement occurred today. It appears that this rumor was either wrong, or that the equipment got delayed.

Image credit: Photo illustration based on Canon EOS 60D by 246-You