One Photographer’s Rant: “There’s Too Many Cameras on the Market”

An interesting video has been going viral within the photographic community today (with a little help from Reddit). The video shows photographer Andre Bailey of Envy Me Images ranting about the state of the consumer DSLR market — specifically lamenting over and over that “there’s [sic] too many cameras on the market.”

To that effect, Bailey spends most of the video upset about the sheer number of cameras that have come out in the last two years, using Canon’s T5i as a recent example. Between the number of choices, the lack of real progress from generation to generation, and the often misleading advertising, Bailey is accusing manufacturers of leaving their customer base upset and confused.

Being a rant, it is a bit troll-ish, but the point at the center of his argument seems to be striking a chord with many of the video’s viewers and commenters: there really are too many cameras on the market. That coupled with a chronic lack of education and significant differentiators between models has led many a consumer astray … and Bailey (along with at least a few of his viewers) wants it to stop.